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We deploy the technologies and business models to enable sustainability improvements on levels that are competitive with traditional alternatives.

MACUN International focuses on the transfer from research & development into commercial solutions for bio-based applications, renewable energy and clean water & sanitation.

Value Proposition

For our customers, we foster the supply of sustainable resources to feed both existing and new value chains. The question is how to expand and diversify the portfolio through improved utilisation of existing and new sources, aligning logistical systems to meet the demand and including the primary sectors’ actors as partners in the value chains. 

We consult to optimise efficient processing for integrated bio-refineries through research, development and innovation.The question is how to expand the utilisation of new, breakthrough processes for the pre-treatment and conversion of a variety of processes for separation and purification of new products and services. 

With our partners and the support of other organisations, we develop innovative products for identified market applications. The question is how to increase the applicability of high value-added products and avoid price competition with fossil-based products by pursuing advanced functionalities and unmatched performance. 

We create and accelerate the market-uptake of bio-based products and applications. The question is how to respond to the concerns of society about these new products by engaging in dialogue with societal and consumer groups on benefits and how potential risks are addressed and managed. Also, how to contribute to education to ensure adequate supply of needed skilled personnel for the current and future activities.


We identify and demonstrate technologies and building blocks, which:
- replaces the needs for fossil-based resources
- enables access to clean water & sanitation
- empowers renewable energy
- landscape restoration for carbon offsets

We develop business models that integrate economic actors along the whole value chain from production, supply to consumers.

Sustainable Agriculture

Solving food challenges!  

Due to limited - or sometimes contaminated - freshwater resourced as well as salinity problems, we are working together with leading specialists to implement seawater agricultural eco-systems.

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Clean Water

Doing what’s needed! 

We are working together with academic institutions and industrial partners to solve one of the main global societal challenges: to ensure worldwide access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation.

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Renewable Energy & CO2 Sequestration

Mitigation of climate change!

We are currently developing a new generation of 24/7h CO2 neutral energy production and energy recovery systems that significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Landscape restoration and re-forestration, our project "bluemangrove" is an essential environmental pillar of MACUN International LLC. We create climate change mitigation effects and environmental and social co-benefits. 

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